Full Stack Embedded Systems Engineer and IoT Technical Director

San Diego, California, United States · Labs · IoT


Do you like to tinker and solve complex hardware and software problems? Are you interested in managing a dynamic team of engineers on cutting edge projects while still getting your hands dirty? Have you always wanted to stretch your skills to their limits, creating first of their kind projects and devices? How would you like to do it all in an office across from the beach?

We are looking for an experienced full-stack embedded systems engineer for position of Technical Director of Treeline Labs to develop inventive, strategic IoT solutions, applications and devices. The Technical Director is a hands-on position for an entrepreneurial leader who will work hand-in-hand with the team leaders and clients to bring strategy to life in unexpected, results-driven ways that connects with clients.

Responsibilities include architecture/design, overseeing development and code review. Your skills need to be up to date within the past year. Another key element of this position will be working with the sales team and project managers to scope out project solutions, develop proposals, and estimate costs and resources needed to complete projects in ways that exceed expectations.

If you have never founded your own tech start-up or been part of an early stage start-up or agency, this is not likely the job for you. The pace is impossibly fast and the person must be ridiculously flexible and innovative, working with minimal resources to create maximum effect.

Treeline Interactive has been helping everyone from startups to enterprise companies develop game-changing products for more than 10 years now. And we’ll not only design products, we’ll build them too, creating cutting-edge software and hardware solutions. Our team of award-winning developers, designers, engineers, and strategists build mobile apps and wearables, solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), including hardware, and complex web applications. Companies come to Treeline for creative breakthroughs and technical leaps forward. Whether you want to supplement your team’s expertise on new ventures or scope a project from start to finish, Treeline is there to help. We thrive as the agile team that helps corporations radically reinvent their product offerings; and as the supportive braintrust that helps startups iterate and get to market.

Unique solutions require unique individuals, and we have attracted the best. Our team is willing to do almost anything to make an impact. We’re serious. Our comprehensive testing has required them to jump out of planes, take apart long-haul trucks, survey from helicopters, and manage data from the Arctic. All in a day’s work!




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